What Clique Are You?(Roleplay quiz)

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This is a roleplay quiz about what clique you are at school!I hope you have a good time here,enjoy!Please comment on ideas for when I update my quiz,it helps a lot!

I hope you enjoy the quiz,it’s kinda unfinished though.Like I said before,please comment on ideas for this quiz’s updates because I ran out of ideas,LOL.Anyways,I know I say please a lot but please rate the quiz so I know how you’re feeling about it.I put a lot of effort into making quizzes :D

Created by: hiiamdesiree
  1. You wake up,and find out you overslept.What do you do?
  2. On the way to school,your phone buzzes.What do you do?
  3. If you chose to quickly check it but not reply:You just arrive on time with no seconds to spare.
  4. If you chose to check it and reply:You are 5 minutes late and have a detention.
  5. If you chose to spend a lot of time blabbing to your bestie:You are 20 minutes late and got two detentions
  6. If you chose to ignore it:You are early and the teacher rewards you by giving you special privileges.
  7. During class,the class clown flicks a piece of paper to you.
  8. If you chose to ignore it:Nothing happens and you go on with your day
  9. If you chose to read it:It says “Stinky piece of cheese haha”
  10. If you chose to read it and write another one back:It says “Stinky piece of cheese haha”
  11. If you chose to report him,the teacher smiles at you and says “Thanks (insert name here)!”
  12. If on question 4 or 5 you got a detention,at detention what do you do
  13. If you didn’t get a detention,when at home your dad says “(insert name here),we need to talk.”
  14. If you got a detention on question 4,it’s now over and you can go back home.If you got detention on question 5,it’s not over yet.
  15. If you’re at home,your dad says “We need to talk,the teacher says you are failing.I’m grounding you!”
  16. If you got detention on question 5,you can go home and the same thing happens to you that happened at question 14.
  17. Cliffhanger!

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