Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) 2

Hi this is my second roleplay and I hope it is a lot better than my first. So I hope you enjoy taking this quiz. By the way I replaced Littlekit with Lilypaw because of what happened in the end. If you want more of Littlekit I may make a quiz about her journey. I am also planning on making a love story soon for all you Rosepaws.

So enjoy this quiz. If a lot of people take it I will make anouther. Please give me a 😃😃😃😃😃 rate. So are you a Streampaw, Lilypaw, Rosepaw, or Lightpaw?

Created by: Hopestar

  1. Did you take my first one? If you did who did you get.
  2. So we left off at Bramblestar and his medicine cat was running up to camp and saw about to ask your leader for help. How did you respond upon seeing them?
  3. "Hopestar we come in peace. We came here because we have no kits and tomorrow our last apprentices are becoming warriors. We have already asked the other tribes and they couldn't spare any kits. Is it okay if we take at least one of your kits please? We can see that you have a lot and might be able to spare at least one. If we don't get any kits soon we may have to attack and take some forcefully."He said. How do you react?
  4. "Bramblestar you are brave to come here on such terms as this. I'm afraid though we..." " Wait so are you saying it no one gives you kits you would attack to get some? "Littlekit said interrupting Hopestar. "That's right," said Bramblestar, "But if you are not willing it's okay. If we do have some of our own you won't have to worry." How do you respond?
  5. "We will think about it." said Hopestar. Then after Bramblestar left she said "I am postponing this meeting until further notice."
  6. You and your friends are all talking and then the Medicine cat, Mistpool, came in saying "Littlekit I need to talk to you with the leader." What do you do?
  7. No matter what you follow them and when you all get there the deputy stools you guys from entering. What you do?
  8. Before you were going to do what you chose Hopestar, Mistpool, and Littlekit came out. All looking sad. When Little kit saw everyone she lit up a tiny bit. Then Hopestar called for a clan meeting. What are you thinking?
  9. "Everyone, Mistpool has gotten a message from Star clan saying we need to give up one of our kits or else an endless war will come about." Hopestar said. Everyone gasped . "I know, I know, I am just as upset as you are. Star clan gave us a choice though about who to give up the options are Rosekit, Lightkit, Streamkit, and Littlekit". How do you react?
  10. "We are going to bring Littlekit to Bramblestar. I am so sorry Flowerpelt (her mother), Little kit we leave after you say goodbye to your friends. What do you say to her?
  11. Later on that night is your apprentice ceremony. What do you do after wards.

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I roleplay. (Girls only) 2