Which warrior cat are you roleplay. (Girls only) 3

Hi this is my third role play quiz. I hope you like it. By the way I am making these on my tablet and it's auto correct is crazy so if a word doesn't make sense it is this things fault. Also I can't think of any clan names so sorry about that. And besides that I hope you enjoy my quiz.

So if you have taken the previous Which warrior cat roleplays. (Girls only) then you know the drill. I am also going to make a Rosepaw love story sometime and a Story about Littlekit who is actually doing some major behind the scenes work right now.

Created by: Hopestar

  1. Okay so first question did you take my other 2 quizzes. If not please do so. By the way they have a few mistakes, but this one should be a lot better.
  2. So we left off at your apprentice ceremony. A week later was a gathering. When the warriors came back Hopestar called a meeting. What do you think?
  3. "My fellow warriors, I have some terrible news " Hope Star said, "It turns out that Bramblestar and his mate were murder by his clan deputy. During the gathering Wolf fang declared war against all the other clans. " How do you react?
  4. "So everyone get ready! We are going to have three times as many border patrols on that border until we kick Wolf fang out of his position. Everyone dismissed." When you made it back to your den with your friends Sunstream 's toms came up and asked how you felt about this.
  5. "Wow, I can't believe what Littlekit is going through. Forced to leave her clan and join one that is going to attack her home. I hope she is going to be okay." said Stormpaw. " Us too. " Everyone said in agreement. A week later you were training with your mentor outside and working on your battle moves. Then the Medicine cat of Sunstar's clan came running to your camp. You and your mentor started runing towards camp. What are you thinking?
  6. After the Medicine cat talked to Hopestar, she called a meeting. "Everyone I have good and bad news. The Bad news is that Wolffang has taken Sunstar's clan's territory. The good news is that surfing the attack they took a prisoner and found a way to stop Wolf fang! What is your reaction?
  7. "Tonight our clans are going to go into their camp and there are secret tunnels all around going in and out of their dens. We will go in and out of the tunnels. But just in case we will create a diversion outside of their camp. We will need all paws on deck so all the warriors are going, so apprentices you will have to protect the clan if they attack our camp. How do you react?
  8. Later that night all the warriors left. While you were watching what were you thinking?
  9. Then all the sudden you saw 2 shadows of the enemies clan! What do you do?
  10. You guys won! As they retreated you saw the warriors comeback victorious! What do you do?
  11. The next morning Hopestar called a meeting and talked about the victory and said that if they didn't have that information that we may never have won and that unfortunately Littlekit has to stay over there, but on the plus side all the apprentices that fought the intruders will have their warrior ceremonies a moon early. How do you feel?
  12. (In the enemies camp about a moon later) Littlepaw. Littlepaw. Her classmates said though not excited or proud to have her as an apprentice. Her mentor Darksoul came over and grumbled something and motioned her to follow him. She stayed quiet and saw Hopestar's plan's territory. Home she thought. Oh how much she wanted to go back but last moon it was clear she had to stay here. Then her Darksoul grunted and then tilted his head and then she saw a mouse. Littlepaw went into position and pounced. She land right on top of it, but it somehow managed to get away. "We are going to Shadowstar. Now! He yelled. As she walked away she was sure she could see a familiar pelt in the car distance, then she dipped her head.

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I roleplay. (Girls only) 3