Whats your warrior cat clan role?

in this quiz you will be answering questions. depending upon your answers,you will be a certain role from a book series called warriors in a clan or camp.

by the way. please be honest with your answers and don't lie. even if you want a certain role,and you lie to get that role.plese do not do that. please be 100% honest.

Created by: blue star

  1. how old are you?
  2. if you could be any warrior cat character who would it be?
  3. what best describes you as a cat?
  4. are you a leader or follower?
  5. whats your favorite warrior book?
  6. thunderclan or shadowclan
  7. do you like to keep to yourself?
  8. kitty pet/rouge/loner or clan cat
  9. do ya like warriors
  10. [bonus] WHO LIKES CATS

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Quiz topic: Whats my warrior cat clan role?