Which Warrior Clan should you be in?

Have you ever wondered which Clan you would be in, in the Warriors book series? This quiz asks questions concerning events n the book, Personality questions, and more!

Which Warrior cat Clan are you in? The Wily, proud ShadowClan? The Fierce, Brave ThunderClan? Take this quiz, and you will soon find out! GO!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: JC676
  1. You are the leader of your Clan. An enemy Clan attacks your camp.
  2. The leader of your Clan tries to apprentice kits before 6 moons.
  3. At the gathering, another Clan leader proposes a new rule in the warrior code: "Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall."
  4. Should Mothwing not be allowed to be medicine cat?
  5. You have some free time before a patrol.
  6. As a cat, what would you prefer to be like?
  7. You mainly think of your self as...
  8. Do you feel responsible for other's safety?
  9. A positive trait you have is-
  10. What does heroism really mean?
  11. When is battle necessary?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Clan should I be in?