Warrior Cats Love Story- Part 1 (She-cats only!)

This is a love story quiz, as it says in the title. It will lead you through a series of roleplay (rp) questions, and you will know which tom you like. Is it chatty Bumblepaw, average Harepaw, or quiet Streampaw?

It requires me to make two paragraphs, but it says it all in paragraph 1, so I'm going to just type until it says I have enough characters... lalalala

Created by: MoonlitFurryBlossom

  1. You are a new kit in the nursery, along with your sister, Cherrykit. Your name is Rosekit, and you have a ginger pelt with darker ginger splotches. You look around, and see three tomkits, all a little bit older than you. The yellow-and-gray kit walks over to you and says, "Hi! I'm Bumblekit!" You reply,
  2. Bumblekit introduces the other kits as Harekit and Streamkit. You..
  3. Soon, Streamkit, Bumbkekit, and Harekit become apprentices. Bumblepaw is fidgeting all the way through the ceremony, Harepaw is glancing around, and Streampaw is accepting his apprenticeship silently and still the whole time. The clan chants, "Bumblepaw! Harepaw! Streampaw!" You chant loudest for...
  4. You come up to any of the toms and say...
  5. Soon, you become an apprentice too! Bumblepaw is cheering especially loud for you! You think...
  6. You wake up early one day in the apprentice den and hear Bumblepaw and Harepaw arguing. What do you do?
  7. Later that day, you hear Bumblepaw and his group teasing Harepaw. You wonder if it was because of that fight you heard that morning. You come closer and hear Bumblepaw say, "Stay away from Rosepaw!" Harepaw replies, "What if I like her too?" They both become silent as they see you. You..
  8. You are out hunting with all the toms. Bumblepaw and Harepaw are exchanging glares. You think...
  9. As you head back, the toms all gaze at you lovingly. They all exclaim to you about how good your catch is. You reply to...
  10. Suddenly, you hear a rustling in the bushes. You catch a glance of a red pelt... no, two red pelts! A snout pokes out of the undergrowth. Your mentor growls, "Foxes!" CLIFFHANGER!!!!! (Doesn't affect score)

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