Warrior cats roleplay quiz! *She-cats only*. ~ Part three ~

Hey Warrior cats! Part three is here!!!! Ok so this might be a little longer i really hope it is. DO YOU LIKE ME QUIZZEZ? Oh and who's your favroute cat?

FIREHEART I MINE. So i dont know how much more episodes of my roleplay quiz im gonna make, but im sure to make alota! Hmm also let me know if there are any mistakes. I will TRY to fix them.

Created by: Flancakes

  1. Ok. Did you take part one and two?
  2. Ok, so, Barkpelt asked if you wanted to be your mate. You guys are mates now. But then, rouges started attacking!
  3. So the cat that led the rouges is....
  6. You hiss to Barkpelt, '' We have to fight the rouges! Even if we have it battle with Lavapebble.... '' You dash off into the fight with Barkpelt. A cat suddenly jumps on you and pins you down! What do you do??
  7. After the battle, Oakstar says, '' All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here by the high rock! Lavapebble led a band of rouges, betraying us. He will now be banished from the clan. If anyone find him doing any more trouble, bring him to me. I will deal with him.... '' The cats gasped, some trying to convince Oakstar to let him stay. Others yowled in agreement. How do YOU react?
  8. *5 MOONS LATER...* So Rosesplash still has Greencough, and she isn't getting any better. What do you do to help?
  9. Soon, you feel things like they are moving around inside you. Your eyes widen. '' BARKPELT! BARKPELT!!! '' You cry. You run-ok mostly trotting- around to find Barkpelt. He comes running to you and asks, '' ( Name )! Is everything ok? '' OK WHAT DO YOU THINK IS HAPPENING?!
  10. '' Barkpelt! I- i think that we might have kits soon! '' You exclaim. '' WHAT? '' ARE YOU OK? DO YOU NEED WATER? FRESH-KILL? MORE MOSS BEDDING?! '' Barkpelt keeps asking you if you need anything. What you do/how do you react?
  11. Rosesplash's mom comes out of the medic room, followed by Rosesplash's brother and father. They look misarble. Her mother says, '' R-rosesplash I-is gone.... " You stare in horror. You lost another one of you friends! How do you feel? ( Is this getting to dramatic? )
  12. You go out into the forest to hunt, when suddenly something jumps on you! ITS...
  13. A.....
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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