Warrior cats roleplay quiz! * She-cats only *. ~ Part two ~

Hoi guys! Im doing part two of the roleplay quiz! IT GETS MORE AND MORE EDGY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i hope you like it ! WARNING ! THERE ARE RANDOM CLIFFHANGERS.

Ok so i hope you like and enjoy this! Im also gonna make a, '' Do you like warrior cats? '' EEEEEEEEE. I LIKE FIREHEART. And the clan is called the CreekClan btw!

Created by: Flancakes

  1. Hello! Did you take the last quiz?
  2. Ok remember that a cat attacked you and there was a.... CLIFFHANGER?!
  3. Ok, so the cat that attacked you was.....
  4. WAS.....
  6. You clawed his face and used you hind legs to push him off you, AND claw his belly. Soon, once you see him, you gasp. ' ' L- Lavapebble? How could you....? '' You slowly back away, depressed that your friend betrayed you. Then you run through the forest, not knowing where you are going. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
  7. Then, you bump into a cat. You look up at a familer white tom. It was Barkpelt! '' ( Name )! Whats wro- '' '' Oh Barkpelt! Its horrible! '' You dug you face in his fur, sobbing. You explain EVERTHING. What do you tell him that you guys should do?
  8. As your leader announces what happened, Lavapebble looked horrafied and shocked; his mother looking the same. '' Lavapebble will be banished if he does something like this again. For now, he will be punished. He will have to eat last, and will have to stay from gatherings for three moons.'' The black tom looked angry, and bowed his head as he walked into the warriors den. How do you react of what just happend?
  9. Soon, Rosesplash limps into the medic room, with her brother at her side. She looks very sick. What do you do?
  10. Her brother comes put looking depressed. '' Rosesplash- *Gulp*- has Greencough, '' he says in a shakey voice. HOW WOULD YOU REACT WITH THIS ONE?
  11. Two days past, and Barkpelt comes up to you. He licks your cheek and....
  12. He takes a deep breath and say, '' ( Name ), I think your cool. we've been friends for a long time and I- i really like you and- will you be my mate? '' ( YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE YES )
  13. Then, you hear a yowl in distress. The camp was being attacked! But they were rouges. Who was leading them?
  15. Did yu wike de quizzy? )O . O(

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