Which Genshin Impact Character are You?

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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game. It is filled to the brim with great characters! Are you more like warm and friendly Ganyu, or curious and challenging Mona? There are dozens of fantastic characters, so we chose 10 of some of the most iconic and diverse characters to represent a little bit of everyone.

This quiz used classic personality theories like MBTI and Ennagram to help you find which Genshin Impact character you're most like. If you enjoyed this quiz, we’ve got great news for you! There is even more! Check out our page for more fantastic personality based content.

Created by: Mintvoyager
  1. You prefer keeping mental lists over physical ones
  2. You'd consider yourself a skeptic and rely on hard facts
  3. You'd go crazy if you spend too much time alone
  4. You misplace things often and spend a lot of time looking for them
  5. People would consider you to be more calm than energetic
  6. You're better at fixing things than people
  7. You're more of a talker than a listener
  8. You're more interesting in the big picture than you are in the details
  9. You're more interested in how things are now than how they hypothetically could be
  10. Your work style is closer to random bursts than it is to consistent energy
  11. You're very sensitive to the thoughts and opinions of others
  12. You are easily engrossed in niche topics

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