Do you love Azhdaha (Genshin Impact)

Do YOU love Azhdaha from Genshin Impact? Chances are that he loves you back! Azhdaha is a nice guy but not everyone sees his true charm, maybe he's waiting for his soulmate AKA. YOU.

Take this short quiz to determine the true extent of your love for this rock monster. Who knows? This might change how you choose to take materials from you in the future?

Created by: Nat
  1. How often do you fight in Azhdaha's domain?
  2. Do you always take Azhdaha's "rewards"?
  3. When fighting, how often does Azhdaha push you to safety?
  4. How often does he "mark" you?
  5. Have you memorised Azhdaha's lines?
  6. What is your favourite Azhdaha element
  7. What is your favourite part of Azhdaha physically?
  8. Do you dream of Azhdaha?
  9. Do your friends worry about you often? Regarding Azhdaha?
  10. Do you want to marry Azhdaha?
  11. Where would you take Azhdaha on a date?
  12. Do you often lose your clothes in Azhdaha's domain?
  13. Do you talk to your mirror often?
  14. Do you like accusing your friend of loving Azhdaha when you're the real Azhdaha lover?
  15. Have you ever had an Azhdaha wallpaper?
  16. Have you told other people (including strangers) that you love Azhdaha?
  17. Do you daydream about Azhdaha so much that you forget to concentrate?
  18. Complete the sentence: "There is no atonement..."
  19. Has he ever proposed to you?
  20. Which type of characters do you bring into Azhdaha's domain?
  21. Do you love Azhdaha? Be HONEST

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