Which Movie Genre are You?

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You know what you like to watch, what movies and books capture your curiosity, but which genre are you? If you were to be in a movie, which type of movie would it be?

This quiz is based off of MBTI personality theory and is an accumulation of the research done as it correlates to personal functions and how they relate to the world around us. *Your results may not reflect your favorite genre, and this quiz is for entertainment purposes only.

Created by: Mintvoyager
  1. You have a hard time finishing projects you start
  2. You feel best when sharing your energy with others
  3. You often wonder how long it will take for others to become disappointed in you
  4. You find it easy to empathize with people who's experiences are very different than yours
  5. You're extremely curious about "what if?" questions
  6. People would consider you to be more calm than energetic
  7. You take great care to ensure others feel good
  8. You would consider yourself to be very in the moment
  9. You misplace things often and spend a long time looking for them
  10. You enjoy daydreaming about a lot of things, despite how impractical they might be
  11. You can easily adapt to your current situation and aren't bothered by changes to previous plans
  12. You prefer to make careful observations before making decisions
  13. You'd go crazy if you spent too much time alone
  14. You believe the needs of others outweigh your own needs

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Quiz topic: Which Movie Genre am I?