Would You Survive a Parakeet Attack?

If you've taken our quizzes before, especially Who Will Show Up and Beat You At Night? (I hope you appreciated our forewarning), you know that we make the most accurate quizzes ever possible. So just keep in mind that this is 100% accurate and you shouldn't blame us for anything that's wrong because in that case you probably wasn't being honest.

Credit for this amazingly accurate quiz goes to me, QuestionMark3, and my friend The1truth. You can be assured that when you take our quizzes, it's informative and accurate. So thanks and be prepared!!!!!

Created by: QuestionMark3
  1. Have you been attacked by a parakeet before?
  2. What is a parakeet?
  3. Has a parakeet ever abused you?
  4. Has a parakeet ever gained your trust then tossed you aside like yesterday's garbage?
  5. Have you ever been kidnapped by a parakeet?
  6. Are parakeets old men who drive around in white vans and park in front of little girls' houses?
  7. Do you currently have a parakeet in the house?
  8. Bonus question: Is a parakeet an old man who kidnaps kids?
  9. How old are you?
  10. How would you describe yourself?

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