Would you be a good friend of mine?

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I have been seeing a lot of quizzes similar to this so I decided to make one! I tried to make some interesting questions in this quiz, so I hope you enjoy!

This is one of my first quizzes so it would be appreciated if you could rate or comment suggestions or critiques you may have about this quiz or other quizzes... Enjoy

Created by: Wrinoo
  1. Welcome to the quiz, How are you doing? (doesn't effect quiz)
  2. Okay now a little serious... What is your stance on genders...(your opinion just seeing how much I personally feel is alike with your answer...)
  3. Now away from that stuff... Hobbies!!! Select the one you are interested in...
  4. Alright food... Your perveances?
  5. Roleplay time (Because I want this to be interesting not boring...)
  6. (Roleplay: ) You are walking to school and you see a kid in the middle of the road crying on the ground, although the road is not busy, a car could turn onto the road soon... What do you do?
  7. (Roleplay: ) With the kid safely off the road you arrive at school and you head to your first class but before you get there a big group of kids are surrounded around some kid, you walk closer to see and apparently the kid has someone's phone in their hand reading out their text messages out loud. What do you do now?
  8. Okay done with the roleplay right now... (we will continue it later...)What is your favorite style of TV. shows out of the following:
  9. Colors?
  10. (Okay Roleplay again...) You finish school and go home and do what?
  11. Last question should be good... *Cough* Hehem...now... If you could have ONE wish which of these options would you chose, BUT you have to have the punishment to the wish you chose...
  12. Goodbye and goodnight...

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