How well do i know you?

I have seen quizzes like: how well do you know me and similar topics. So i decided to turn the table and make this quiz which i put 80% of my effort in. This quiz will tell you how much i know of you and how much i don't.

Am i a good at guess work? Do i stand a chance of knowing you? Well take this quiz to find out! (The answers are Yes all over. So if you chose No you remove 10% of the score take note of this)

Created by: boss baby

  1. You are a boy?
  2. You are 12-30 years old?
  3. Your favorite color is among these: Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green?
  4. You have 0-4 siblings?
  5. You are in high school?
  6. You are G.T.Q member?
  7. The first letter of your name is from A-M?
  8. You are average in size?
  9. You live in one of these continents: Asia, Europe, North America, South America?
  10. Your hobby is one of these: Reading, Eating, Singing, Dancing, Searching the internet, Sleeping?

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