How much do you REALLY like Green Day?!

So many people are smart but few are advanced. There's a reason they have the word average, because over all, most people are similar! If you didn't do well, so what, you might be average, that's good! If you did really well, congratulations! yoh are either above average, or just really obsessed with Green Day. Either way, if you like Green Day, you are EPIC. If you took this quiz just because you saw a link, good for you for finding it.

I don't know if I could pass my own quiz. Maybe. I'm obsessed with Green Day, they are my FAVORITE band ever, so... Maybe... I hope I pass... Ha ha! Do you think you did well? If so, wow! If not, try even harder, or try a different quiz! It's your choice! Yay! Happiness... PS Rainbow Chicken! PPS Byyyyeeee!

Created by: Lauralie
  1. What year is Green Day's album "Demolicous" from?
  2. What tear did Billie Joe Armstrong freak out at the Iheart radio concert?
  3. Who in the band is youngest?
  4. What song are the following lyrics from? "Say a prayer for the family. Drop a coin for humanity. Ain't this uniform so flattering ? I never asked a god damned thing!"
  5. What state is Green Day originally from?
  6. What is YOUR opinion on Green Day?
  7. What are Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong's most commonly used word(s)?
  8. What makes Green Day so awesome?
  9. What does Green Day mean?
  10. In 2014, how many years had/has Green Day been around?

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Quiz topic: How much do I REALLY like Green Day?!