Are you a Green Day Fan?

There aren't so many Green Day Fans that I know personally so if you are a fan or at the least know about them, please take my Quiz to show me that there infact are some cool people around here. I hope you enjoy taking it as much as I enjoyed making it! :)

Are you a Green Day fan? Well? What are you waiting for?? Take my quiz and find out for yourself how much you really do know about the Punk Rock band.

Created by: Cara Phillips
  1. At what age did Billie Joe Armstrong get his first guitar.
  2. How old was Billie Joe Armstrong when he sang "Look for Love"?
  3. Who performed with Billie Joe Armstrong in their band "Sweet Children"?
  4. Who was the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" dedicated to?
  5. What song did Billie Joe Armstrong write about his mom's relationship with his step dad?
  6. What did Billie Joe Armstrong name his first guitar?
  7. What month was Billie Joe Armstrong born?
  8. Which phrase belongs to Billie Joe Armstrong?
  9. Which Quote belongs to Billie Joe Armstrong?
  10. Which other instruments does Tre Cool play.
  11. How many siblings does Billie Joe Armstrong have?
  12. What piece of clothing do you normally find Billie Joe Armstrong wearing?
  13. What did Billie Joe Armstrong name his first son?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Green Day Fan?