Ashes lyrics master?

Natewantstobattle has come up with many undertale fan music, but none of them caught my eye more easily than ashes, a genocide song by natewantstobattle... And now I've made a quiz about it... Enjoy

I really hope you enjoyed this, and if not, then you really need to watch the actual video. Trust me it's awesome. Nathan Sharp did really good on it, and personally, I believe that it needs more publicity than it has right now.

Created by: ProdigyNtraining
  1. Now this is genocide. The monster inside, the voices in your head...
  2. I know a way that you can cut every last tie. The friends you made, how could you watch all of them die?
  3. I see your mind, now it's slipping faster. Kill or be killed, the only thing that matters...
  4. No one told you there's no going back, for once you attack, there's no way to prevent...
  5. And I can see it in your smile and in your eyes, there's no compassion, no, there's nothing left inside...
  6. Now this is genocide, the monsters inside, the voices in your head...
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