The Amber Ashes part three

PLEASE READ. If you clicked this cause you wanted to know what The Amber Ashes is about, LOOK UP THE FIRST ONE. You need to read it to understand tis one.

Okay is you're up to part three, yay! I'm glad you decided to continue. Tell your friends about The Amber Ashes! I really want more people to enjoy the story.

Created by: kittykit

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  1. The following parts will not have any results. After I am done with the series I will make a special quiz for The Amber Ashes.
  2. In the previous part of the story, Brendon and Alice were missing and Emily and Tom might have something to do with it.
  3. ...'I need to find them' you think as you walk around the deserted halls. You hear a scream.'That sounds like Alice!' You run toward the noise."Help me! Someone!" You know Alice needs you. 'But what aboout Brendon? Is he safe and sound?' You need to find out quick. Suddenly the alarms go off saying to evacuate the school. You know it's because of what Emily is doing and run to the nearest locker and hide so you don't have to leave. After everyone's out you follow Alice's helpless squeaky voice. You know your close. 'Wait, that's it! They're in room 338!'
  4. When you get to room 338 you peer through the crack in the door. You were right. Luckily, you had your pocket knife for emergencies. You kick the door open and Tom is holding Brendon by is neck. You kick Tom as hard as you can and he colaspes.'Well, that didn't take much effort.' "Brendon! Are you okay?!" "Yea, I'm fine." "Brendon. Where's Alice?!" "Oh no. Emily must have took her! _______, you got to get her back." "Brendon, you need to go with the rest of the school...NOW" "I'm not leaving." "GO."
  5. "I'm coming with you _____." Suddenly Eric walks through the door with Johnathon, who apparently, got in this mess too. "Eric!" You give him a great big hug. You never thought he would come. But he did.
  6. "Okay, Guys I have a plan." you say. "Eric come with me and we hunt for Alice." "Johnathon, how are you feeling?" "Fine." he replies. "Good. You go with Brendon and search for other people that might have been locked in." "What about Tom?" "We'll deal with him later. Now go!"
  7. 'We split up. Eric and I don't hear a trace of Alice. We checked pratically everyroom in the school! Even the boys bathroom...' You keep on running. You hear a squeal. Alice. Eric keeps running to the sound. You both hault when You see Emily with a rope wiping Alice. She stops and says,"Well, have you come to save helpless Alice? Too bad you'll never get to." Then, she pushes Alice's head into a locker and she blacks out. "Alice!" You have your knife drawn. Eric has his knife too. Emily has a wipp. She wipps you across the eye. You squint and say,"That all you got?" She surprisingly drops the wipp and makes a beeline toward Eric. He cuts her arm but she pushes him hard and he too, loses consicousnis.
  8. You're face to face with one of the most powerful girls in school. You run up to her and cut her lip. She wipes her face and she wipps you. Suddenly someone comes and knocks her out. Then next, you black out. When you wake up, agian your in your bed at home. This time, Alice, Brendon , Eric , Johnathon and the boy whp must have knocked out Emily are sitting around you.
  9. Eric says,"Hey sweetheart." You blink, not knowing what happend after you blacked out. ALice explains,"After Eric and I gained concisnous agian, Johnanthon and his friend, Kevin, knocked out Emily. Eric saw you laying helplessly on the floor and hoisted you on to his back and carried you home." Then you see your younger brother and sister huddleling near your mother. "Mom, where's Dad?" She looks down and walks away with Hanna and Chris. Johnathon says,"______, your father he.... Was shot in war. He was supposed to come home today but.." He doesn't say anymore because you then find yourself curled up in a ball on the floor. "______. I'm sorry." says Kevin. Your mother tells evryone to go sit in the living room. "Honey, You need to rest."
  10. When you wake up it's morning. Your mother says that Eric didn't want to leave you alone. So he stayed aver night. She says that he's in the living room waiting for you. You get dressed and walk into the living room. "Mornin' sleepy head." "Good Morning." "Want to go for a walk in the woods?" "Sure." You get your boots on and get your knife.
  11. You look for a nice tall oak tree to sit on. Eric says,"You know, the woods is so peaceful. I could lay here for the rest of my life." "Me too.",you reply when you find your favorite tree. You start to climb it and he follows. You take one of it's leaves and study it hard. There's something about it that makes you worried. You can't exactly put your finger on it. "Eric, look at this leaf." He peers at it looking perpelxed. "This is not a normal leaf ______." "I recognize it..From somewhere." He keeps thinking. He trains his thoughts back. "_______! We have to go. Now." Without hesitation you both climb down the tree. When you look back up at the tree, you see the problem. Wasps. Only they're not normal. They have a venom so powerful, it can kill you. They feed on leaves and blood. Like little vampires. "Are they angry?", you ask. "No. But they see us. Okay now they're mad run!" You keep running and running but Eric trips. The swarm of bees isn't too far away. "Eric! Get up hurry!" "I can't." You realize that he got stuck in someone's rope trap. You draw your knife and cut the rope so he can you up. "Thanks." "Thank me later now cmon!"
  12. Suddenly, the wasps are distracted by a noise but you don't you time to guess what. You keep running until you're safely out of the woods. "What the heck was that?" "I don't know but we got to go." You see your younger sister and brother walking around you run to them. "No no no! Go home!" "But _____..." "No buts! Go home!" They run home without further hesitation. Suddenly you hear a shreik desireing for help....
  13. Okay. The end of part three! Okay so one hint to who shreiked. You sort of know her, but not well...

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