Epic Summer Part Seventeen: Ashes

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Welcome to Part Seventeen: Ashes! In this episode, you will pick up where you left off and investigate what was the true cause of that fire that burned down the old cabin.

Recap: So in Part Sixteen, Bill calls a meeting to try to catch who stole his envelope. When nobody comes forward and confesses, he goes absolutely berserk and into a horrid rage, just before storming off.

Created by: James Bond
  1. "Sam... Is your dad much of a smoker...?" Sean asks, his eyes wide from the later. He's definitely onto something... "Occasionally, why?" Sam asks, not quite getting it. "Well... I think we may have just found out who REALLY caused that fire..." Oh, you see what he's getting at... Thoughts?
  2. Pause for a second. Ok, this is where we left off in Part Sixteen. Seventeen is somewhat of a continuation of that. And yeah, that means this is yet another special!
  3. "Ok, hold on for a second. Are you accusing my dad of being behind this?!" Sam asks in disbelief. "I'm not saying that yet, I'm just saying it's possible," Sean says, glancing at him. "And there's really only one way to find that out. You guys up for breaking another rule?" He asks. "What now?" You ask nervously. "I'd bet that if he DID have something to do with it, there's gotta be more of those envelopes that he tried to burn last night. Now where's the most secure place that he would put something like that? His own cabin... We're gonna have to get in there, that's our best guess at finding something to convict him with," Sean whispers, his eyes narrowing. Ok, Sean's starting to sound a little insane himself, now... Thoughts?
  4. "NO!" Sam shouts so loud, you think the entire cabin might be in on your secret now. "Ok, Sam, I know Bill's your dad and whatever, but how am I even gonna get past without you? You know him better than any of us!" Sean whispers, even more quiet than before. "If we don't do this, you're gonna get blamed if anything else happens... You know that," Sean says, coming closer to him. "... This really isn't fair..." Sam grumbles. "... I don't have a choice, do I?" He asks. Sean shakes his head. Sam sighs, and nods. You guess that means he's in. Sean then turns to you. "How bout you, (Your Name)? Care to get in even more trouble?"
  5. Somehow, you end up getting mixed in with all this. Before you know it, you find yourself, Sean, Sam, Emily, and Michael sneaking around the camp. You find that there isn't a single soul outside, they've all fled back into their cabins, in fear that Bill may come back with a weapon of some kind. Even though it's only 10:37, the five of you are the only ones out under the bright full moon. Luckily, Bill's cabin is right on the outskirts of the ominous woods, so there isn't any need for you to go too deep. None of the lights illuminate the cabin, meaning that Bill is either asleep or somewhere out. Either way, the door is locked. What do you do?
  6. You, Sean, Michael, and Emily all sneak around to the back, leaving Sam to watch the front. The back door of Bill's cabin is actually surprisingly wide open. Huh, that's odd... The four of you sneak into the dark cabin, barely able to see anything. Michael shines his flashlight on the front door, and unlocks it. The cabin is a mess: The bed is unmade and sloppy, there is a vodka bottle under a desk in the corner, with papers strewn across the desk, unordered. Not only that, but on the desk lies a journal... What do you do?
  7. Emily, his hands shaking, picks up the journal, and lays it on the bed. "Flashlight," she whispers to Michael, who hands the flashlight to him. Emily shines the light on the opened journal, and immediately, another letter falls out from the middle. She instead shines the light on the letter, and begins reading out loud, very quietly. "Dear Jim. This was a bad idea in the first place... Kids aren't as stupid as they were back then, you and I both know they'll find out eventually. If my son ever finds out that it was no real accident... That's not worth it. I know it had to be done, but I keep wondering if those kids deserved what happened. I need your help again. How am I supposed to cover it up? It just seems like a big snowball... I guess that all this went wrong when the camp started using the stolen money to invest, which I know was wrong. But have you seen what I've done with it? This camp is utterly amazing now, we have enough money to afford such nice rooms, the great food, so how could I ever go back? But that cabin... They were smart enough to actually catch me in the act, as you were aware. Then when that happened... I... I had to... Well, you know the rest of the story. Jim, I'm in for a world of trouble if the parents found out about this. I need your help of disposing the evidence... You know what to do. Sincerely, Bill." The room is silent. None of you say a word. Thoughts?
  8. So the word is out, it was actually Bill. Sean was right. Before you can think, Sam flings open the door, and whispers loudly "He's coming up the freaking path!" Uh oh. "What?!" Michael shouts. Sam practically slams the door and joins the four of you. "He's got some bags with him..." Sam whispers harshly again. Ok, the three of you need to find a place to hide... The options are under the bed, in the closet, under the staircase, in a cabinet inside the kitchen, or somewhere upstairs. Where do you hide?
  9. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. Good luck in Part Eighteen... BROFIST

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