Do you follow the crowed

People can feel left out and one of the reasons for that is they feel their not being themselve with certain other people, following the crowed is a well known action!

Are you independent or do you prefare to do what everyone eles is doing? when people leave you out do you sometimes feel their not your friends or that you just dont fit in? well you will find out with this NEW quiz!

Created by: lura

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  1. do you hang around with alot of people?
  2. Do you join in with all your mates?
  3. Do you still do something even if you know its NOT the right thing to do?
  4. What kind of people do you hang around with ?
  5. Are you dareing ?
  6. Have you ever done something really bad ?
  7. How did you feel after the situation ?
  8. If you were with your mates and you where 'dared' to do something you know you shouldnt would you-
  9. Do your friends find you-
  10. what are you to your 'gang'?

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Quiz topic: Do I follow the crowed