HALLOWEEN Facts & Fiction Quiz

Halloween is celebrated each and every year but few people actually know much about it. More than 50% follow myths but not actual facts. I've taken facts so lets see just how many of you follow/believe the myths.......

Do you think you know the facts and can score in the top two categories? Give it a try. Lets see who runs with the ghouls & goblins.....or who may be one in disguise!

Created by: Tina of myspace
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  1. Who first celebrated what we've come to know as Halloween?
  2. The celebration of Samhain is to honor:
  3. The tradition of dressing up started because:
  4. Halloween ALWAYS falls on the night before:
  5. The Romans called Halloween Pomona Day. Who or what was Pomona?
  6. Another name for Halloween is:
  7. Who believed that souls of the dead visited the earth every October 31st?
  8. True or False: In Ireland, it has been frequently claimed that gems and crystals possess the power to hold curses
  9. The Wicca Sabbat related to Halloween is called:
  10. True or False: trick-or-treating developed during the 1930s as a means to control young people's Halloween night pranks.

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