Are you a loner?

There are many popular people, but there are also a lot of lonely people to. What is it like to be a loner? A loner is someone that prefers to sit at home or up a corner instead of hanging out with friends, whereas popular people are all about friends and like to be the life of the party.

Are you a loner? Do you feel alone in the world like no one notices you and you feel like there is no one there when your in a crowed room well this quiz is for you. If you take this quz you could try change your life before it gets to late. You will find out in the next few minutes

Created by: Hannah
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  1. What do you do in your spare time after work/school?
  2. Do you like hanging out with friends?
  3. Do you prefer being alone or with friends?
  4. When at work/school do you sit alone or be the center of the crowd?
  5. Do you get butterflies or sweaty palms when you are in a big crowd?
  6. Do you have alot of friends?
  7. Do you feel that you have more animal friends than people?
  8. Is your favorite place the corner?
  9. Do you wear black clothes?
  10. Do you use fake smiles to show to people that you are okay but really your not?

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Quiz topic: Am I a loner?