*Will my parents love me if i tell them I'm homosexual*

*This will tell you if it's a good idea to come out to your parents or not I promise you this is not completely acyoret but it should help you know if it's a good idea*

... you might not like the answers of this quiz gust warning this is not completely accurate but parsaly so trust me this could be harsh on you but don't take it personally

Created by: Alana
  1. Do your parents have a bad relationship with any of your homosexual friends
  2. What do your parents do if a same sex relationship is in a tv show your watching
  3. How old am I
  4. Do your parents yell at you for no reason
  5. Do you have a place to go if your parents kick you out
  6. Are your parents kind
  7. Do your parents only care about you when friends are around
  8. Are your parents homophobic
  9. Do your parents care about you
  10. Do you go on trips a lot... I ran out of questions this wok to efect your score

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