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This quiz is a love series, which, you may find hard to believe I based it on a dream I had last night. Crazy, right? Yet, it inspired me enough to be a good idea for a new series, though I'm not certain how well it will turn out.

Just a warning for those under the age of twelve, this quiz has a bit of mildly violent content and descriptions that might scare you. So I don't think it'd be bad enough that I'm banned or anything, but please let me know what you think girls!

Created by: Ardeo9999
  1. "Yes, I completly understand. Oh yes, that would be fine, I don't think the (your name) will mind at all. All right. We'll see you then, okay, bye now Sharon." Your mom smiled and clicked the phone off. "Who was that?" you ask your mom, who rocked back and forth in her rocking chair which sat in the kitchen. You sat at the table eating a rice krispie near your mother. "Oh, Sharon Brook is busy Sunday afternoon and wants us to keep Maya and Alex after church this Sunday." Secretly inside, you got really excited. Alex is your crush, and Maya is one of your good friends. Maya and you are the same age, and Alex is one year younger than Maya. "Oh, that's great! Maya and I will have a blast." "I'm sure you will," your mother replied. "But I don't know why Sharon just didn't leave Alex with another friend. He'll be all alone." "We'll still hang around him I guess," you say.
  2. That Friday, you get home from school before your parents and two sisters do. While you are doing your homework, the phone rings, so you pick it up. "Hello," you say. "Hi, may I speak to Elizabeth?" the person on the other end asks. Elizabeth is your mom. "No, she's unavailable right now, but can I take a message for you?" you reply kindly. "Oh yes, just tell her Sharon called, and Maya has just been asked to a piano concert so just ask your mother if it's allright if only Alex comes." Grinning, you respond: "Oh sure, that'll be fine, and I'll let my mom know, thanks." "Goodbye." *click* You turned off the phone and smiled to yourself. You would have Alex over by himself for the whole afternoon! You can't wait!
  3. That Sunday, you dress super nice and do your hair up as best you can. Your mom requires you to wear dresses to church every week, which can become quite a pain, and it often seems very old fashioned. But your main reason for going to church was to see Alex! You saw him after the service. He came up to you. "Hi," he smiled. You blush, "Hey there," "So I'm coming to your house for the afternoon I guess?" "Yeah, that's what my mom said. It's too bad Maya wasn't able to come." "Yeah, I know." Alex said. "Time to get going, dear," you heard your mom calling to you by the coat rack. "Yeah, mom," you say, and lead Alex out to your car. You both hop into the backseat of your van.
  4. Your mother soon has lunch ready once you get home. You, your dad, two sisters, Alex, and your grandmother (who your parents invited for lunch as well)all sit down to the table for dinner. You mom dishes the casserole onto everyone's plate, and then your father prays for the meal. The table discussion turns to the drastic events taking place around the world. "I've heard lots of places are being infected with this one virus," your dad says. "It's small, red, and usually appears in things you would digest." You shiver. "On the radio I heard it turns people ensain. No medical attention can help them; it seems as if they are turned into irreversible Gollums. Little devils." You mom adds. "And apparently it's spreading fast. Lots of quarantine states are already going out of control." Your grandmother shakes her head in disgust. "What's a virus, Mommy?" Your youngest sister, Isabelle, asks. "Well, in this case, it gets into you like a disease and changes you. It uses the cancer method to rapidly change the appearence of the infected, and uses the rabies method so that if someone infected bites you, you'll get it too. Everybody who has got it has fallen under the dillusion that it's okay and then they get it." "Guys, I'm eating, can we stop talking about it," you ask in a sickly voice. "I know," agrees Alex. "All right," says your mom, and she changes the subject.
  5. You bring a forkful of food up to your mouth when you notice little red dots glowing in your food. You gasp. It's exactly how your mom described the virus. "M-m-mom?" you quiver, and walk over to her with your food-loaded fork. "There's red dots in there. Like the virus." you tell her. Your mom examines it. "Don't be silly, ----. Seriously. I put spices in their! Now eat your dinner and stop complaining." your mother scolded. 'They will be under the dillusion that everything is okay,' The voice of what your mother just said floats through your mind. Of course she wouldn't recognize them as the virus! You set your fork onto your plate and put your hand on Alex's arm, who is sitting beside you. "Don't eat it," you say. "Didn't you notice the weird dots in it?" you ask him. He nods his head slowly. Meanwhile, your family continues eating, giving you a ghostly blank stare. Realizing they've just been freshly injected, you jump out of your seat. "No," you gasp, as you realize nothing can be done for them. Shocked, you pull Alex up by you. "We've got to get out of here," you mutter. "They're infected."
  6. You and Alex dash out of your house and begin to run down the street. Where can you go? You begin to see some people filing out of their houses. But not the neighbours you used to know. Vastly different faces and bodies they had now, with a sickly greem skin and zits covering their faces. Thei hair was matted and pitch black, and two yellow fangs stuck out from each corner of their mouths.
  7. "We must stay strong," Alex tells you. "They will try their best to make you one of them. But DON'T LET THEM!" he screamed as one beast lunged for him. You scream as you and Alex scurry in the other direction. "Protect me!" you cry out to Alex, realizing the almost inevitable fate you faced. But you wouldn't allow them to get you.
  8. You are walking straight down the street, keeping your eyes looking to the left and right for any approaching danger. Suddenly, you feel sharp claws grab your back. You turn around. Horrified, you see a devilish looking green monster with a huge nose and pimple, and fungus growing on her shoulders. her clothes had decayed to brown, filthy patched rags. "Come back to do the dishes!" demanded your mother.
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