What magic potential do YOU have?

Perhaps there are unusual people in this world who do not 'fit in'. They feel out of place, neglected, isolated, and are sad or unhappy about it. There are plenty of them. Who says they're not SPECIAL? Maybe there is a bigger difference than they think.

I have written this quiz to give those people reasons WHY they feel the way they do. They may be super popular, perfect in every way and so on, but they can still feel 'out'. There are more things than the ones I've listed, but it would take a lot of time to write them all! I know how they feel, though I was never sad about it. Instead, I embraced it and loved it like my own. It would be nice if others did, too.

Created by: Elisha B.
  1. What colors do you wear most often?
  2. What name would you prefer to have?
  3. What color eyes do you have?
  4. When under the bright sun, do you:
  5. You are in a very bad mood, so you do to your room to storm it out. Do you:
  6. Are you afraid of the dark?
  7. When asked a question you don't like, what do you do?
  8. Someone dares you to sleep in the local old creepy mansion during the full moon. What do you say?
  9. When in public, what do you do?
  10. What are you like?
  11. Mini test... click on one answer of stones and objects you like most.
  12. What words do you think has a interesting sound to it?
  13. Choose a season
  14. How do you feel when you say, -OUT LOUD- Deesha ava moona? (dee-shh-ah ah-vah mooo-nah)
  15. That was wolf meat you just ate. How do you feel?
  16. clear you mind of all things other than these choices ( do not choose yet) and turn away from your computer for a moment. Which comes absoloutely first to mind without delay?
  17. Do you believe in majyk?
  18. Do you believe in yourself?
  19. What do YOU think you are? (Will not affect your outcome)
  20. Do you like
  21. Why do you take these quizzes?
  22. Are you nervous for your outcome?
  23. Which one is different? Take only 30 seconds to find it WITHOUT READING THE WORD. (hint: feel the word. might sound weird,but FEEL the word, just know it.) (hint2: always go with the 1st answer. No hesitation.)
  24. Do you believe you CAN do magic, but just don't know how?
  25. Do you want to ask me how?
  26. If you said Yes, keep reading. If you said No, click "Avoid Question". If you are only just starting I have something important to tell you. Once you finish the quiz, I have written how to start yourself. It is different, though, how to keep going for each, so bear with me. What you have to do next is focus your energy into your hands while cupping them together. Imagine that your...
  27. ...energy in seeping into your hands and making balls of energy. It will fade a lot, but keep trying until you feel it better. It will be invisible, but if you keep trying and experimenting, you may be able to see an outline around it until you can see it, but that takes time. Try juggling your ball. It will feel warm. You will know it is fading when cooler air cuts off the warm suddenly in places, but not in all. Experiment with stuff. Try things you've imagined you could. Oh yes... one more thing you should try,..
  28. If you make a large enough mass of energy and light weight enough (the energy)...
  29. Try to fly.

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Quiz topic: What magic potential do I have?