Does She Like You?! (GUYS ONLY)

Boys like girls. It's a proven fact. But how do you know if the girl likes you back? It may seem impossible, but with this amazingly accurate quiz (created by a girl & a guy), you can finally know!

So, does she dream about you at night? Does she keep a voodoo doll of you in her bedroom? Or does she even know who you are? Find out with this accurate quiz!!

Created by: Abbey

  1. How old are you two?
  2. Around you, does she pull a Justin Bieber and flip her hair out of her face?
  3. How does she act around you?
  4. Do you like her?
  5. If you tell a joke, she ________
  6. How long have you known her?
  7. If you got in a fight and got hurt, what would she do?
  8. Does she have a nickname for you?
  9. What are your means of communication?
  10. Has she ever given you a present?

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