What's your favorite boyfriend style?

There are many different types of guy styles' but which do you prefer the most? You'll find out by taking this quiz! Hopefully, this will help with any questions and concerns you may have with different guys that you come encountered with out there in this world with so many choices.

This quiz only has 4 different types of guys, so you may have a combination of several or none may apply. Don't think these are the only guys there are in the world, but these are the majority of guys I've known of growing up where and when I did.

Created by: Heather of Heather's myspace
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  1. What's your idea of an perfect outfit to wear to go out to eat with a new guy that you're really into?
  2. What is your idea of a perfect date?
  3. You like a guy who lives...?
  4. Your guy's favorite thing to do when hanging out with you is...?
  5. When your girl friend's talk about your guy, they say...
  6. When you meet his parents they ask you if ...?
  7. What's your guy's name most like?
  8. What's your most favorite gift out of these choices?
  9. What's your most favorite color from these?
  10. What is the first thought that comes to mind after doing something that gets you really dirty like yardwork, etc?

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Quiz topic: What's my favorite boyfriend style?