Complicated Difference Part 37

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You were kidnapped and kept in some sort of facility. Your father saved you but you're unsure of the fate of the other guys. You get to a cave and your dad explains how he and the guys arrived there and what the chains were. You then ask "Where are we?"...

  1. "Where are we?" you question, looking over to your father. "You're on Le Mal, ______. Elisa's island. You were in a building which, I'm assuming, has only the purpose of torturing, or even killing, those who are against Elisa. I'm glad we rescued you, otherwise we may have never seen you again," his eyes well up with tears. You feel your heart twist and your stomach drop; it's information that's difficult to hear and you know how vulnerable you were when inside that cell. "But you found me, and I'm here right now. I'm okay," you speak, trying to keep his tears from flowing. He gives you a hug, "I know, pumpkin. I know."
  2. A few minutes pass by and you look to your dad with a worried glance. "When are the guys supposed to be meeting us here?" you ask, trying to mask your fear but failing from the sound of your quivering voice. "Whenever they're able to make it over here... There was no set time. When battling, there is no time limit. The guys will arrive when the job is finished, or at least when they have a chance to escape without being followed," he replies, quickly adding on, "But I'm sure they are all okay. They're powerful, especially when together, and Wesley is a healer. Don't get too worried, relax."
  3. You try your hardest to remain calm. Lying down on the cold stone beneath you brings you some sense of relief... but you have so much terror within your mind. You worry about the guys endlessly. Along with that, you're on an island filled with enemies... you walk upon the same soil that is the foundation of Elisa's home, the woman who murdered your mother and tried to be rid of you as well. Trouble may lie around any corner. You and your father could even be found within any minute. How are you supposed to relax when so many things could go wrong?
  4. You lay there, your mind racing with desperate wishes and forlorn thoughts. You're so lost within your melancholy daydreams that you don't even notice the sounds coming from outside of the cave... the snapping of twigs, the rustling of leaves, and the faint sound of mere footsteps. Soon, it all echoes inside of the cave and you spring up to look toward the entrance. Both you and your father are on alert and you grasp the handle of your sword, unsure whether you should be relieved or terrified.
  5. Four guys walk into the cave silently. They stroll over toward the fire and look at you, each letting out a relaxed sigh as their eyes fall upon you. And then they sit down, though it looked more like they collapsed. Each of them looked pretty rough... though Wesley seemed to be healing, along with Adam. Paul and Erik have a few cuts and bruises, though it's nothing too serious and you know that Wesley will heal them up at some point.
  6. You noticed that their faces and arms were smeared with dirt and blood, and knew that there was a small pond not too far from the cave; you saw it on your way there. Wesley finally healed Paul and Erik, and you asked if they wanted to go rinse off. You're feeling much stronger than before and you do have the invisibility powers needed to cover both you and one of the guys at a time. They agreed to it, after a short conversation about the possible dangers. You took them one-by-one, lastly taking the one you love.
  7. You grab hold of [______]'s hand and ball your energy up, forcing it out to cover him, too. Then, you begin walking toward the small pond, slowly and carefully, making sure to search around you. You reach your destination and [______] bends down to rinse his face and arms. It's been difficult pushing your energy out that far when they leave your side, but so far you have been successful. [______] stands back up and dries his face off with his shirt, then turns and studies you with his eyes for a moment. Silently. He strides over to you and holds both of your hands; walking closer, [______] smiles, a wondrous sight, and gives you a passionate yet gentle kiss. As his lips are on yours, his arms wrap around your waist and he pulls you against him. You had to try very hard to keep your energy stored, especially when you're practically melting in his arms.
  8. The kiss comes to an end, and both of you stare into each other's eyes while smiling. You can feel the happiness built up in your chest and you blush a deep red. However, that's when you hear a voice in the distance. You've succeeded in maintaining your energy, but you wrap your arms around [______] as tight as you can, feeling slightly safer that way. He returns the tight hold as the two of you look for the source of the voice.
  9. You see two men discussing something as they walk through the trees. The first man speaks, "They could be anywhere on this island! It's a big island! I don't see how she expects us to find them so quickly." The second one says, "Yeah, I know. I'm more worried about them KILLING us. There's like five or six of them!" Then, the first one replies, "Shut up, we can take them! Anyways, I'd much rather take my chances against them than against HER." The second one quietly nods in agreement, and mutters, "We've been walking forever; I'm going to get a quick drink over here." He begins walking toward you and [______].
  10. You know that you feel stronger but you're unsure of how much you've recovered since you had those chains on. You're starting to feel exhausted and you see no way of moving past these men. You give [______] a reassuring look, though you feel worried inside, and you try to concentrate and picture the cave. You teleport there and are so relieved that you let go of the energy you were holding. Everyone jumped to their feet but relaxed once they realized it was only the two of you.
  11. Once the short celebration in your mind ended, you frantically told everyone else about the two guys you saw. Everyone begins brainstorming on what to do. "The pond is a long walk from here but it's not That far... they could be here soon," you state. Paul looks over at Erik, "That's worth a try... you should do it." Erik gets an irritated expression on his face and mutters, "Can't you ever turn your power off? I don't even have privacy in my own head." You see Erik's expression change into something more neutral, and he then says, "Okay, forcing me to be calm is not cool either," but he and Paul just laugh about the whole ordeal. The rest of you sit there impatiently waiting to hear about the idea.
  12. Who do you like?

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