Will you survive in an deserted island?

An airplane is falling in the sea.Only one survivor.One deserted island.Tons of adventure.Will he find more people and will he leave this island or he'll stay here forever?

Only you can know!As the only survivor you have to make your house and live.Fight against jaguars,aborigines and more.Will you win the race against wild?

Created by: Thanos

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  1. When you reach the island,what's the first thing you do?
  2. What do you do the first day on the island?
  3. The sun is falling.What is the first thing you're doing?
  4. The seccond day,you're hungry and you want something to eat.What will you eat?
  5. You walked in the forest,when suddendly a jaguar attacked you. What will you do?
  6. You must to make a shelter immediately!How will it be?
  7. One month later,you hit your head.It's bleeding!What will you do?
  8. You were walking at a beach when a airplane passed over the island.What will you do?
  9. The airplane leaves without see you.You:
  10. A year has passed since you came in the island.If you had another item with you,what would it be?
  11. 17 months later,you hear a strange noise from the forest.You are closing and you are hiding behind a tree.You suddendly see something:ABORIGINES!
  12. An aborigine is closing you and he suddendly catches you.What are you doing?
  13. You are getting into the village when a man runs to the aborigine and he punches him.What will you do?
  14. The man leaves with you.He tells you his story.He is a castaway from a ship that wrecked at 1997.He was in this island 18 years!
  15. He awnsered all my questions negative but he told me that one ship passed from here every 1 year.
  16. I was here 17 months but no ship had passed from this island.It was a mystery.2 years passed but nothing.The life was better with man.He had amnesia and he told me everything that he remembered.I had to leave this island.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive in an deserted island?