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About: This is a highly detailed quiz, intended to give an accurate result of your chance of survival on a desert island. For an accurate result, please do not look anything up.

Setting: You were on a research trip to the Bermuda Triangle, when suddenly, your boat crashed. You heard a groaning sound, and everything went black. You woke up some time later alone and on a deserted island. Survive. Will you solve the mystery of the island? Will you starve, freeze, escape or thrive? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: CookieCat
  1. First, let's get to know you a little bit. Gender:
  2. Which describes you the best?
  3. Now, let's learn a little about your personality!What do you view as a great strength in yourself?
  4. What is another strength you have?
  5. What is your 'Fatal Flaw'
  6. Which saying is your favorite?
  7. What is something you find yourself saying often?
  8. What is something you find yourself saying often?
  9. Alright! Scenario time.You just woke up and you're lying on the shore of an island. Underneath you is hot sand, in front of you is a calm blue ocean, and further inland are some trees and bushes, and the other side of the island appears to be a rocky hill. The sun beats down on your bare face, and you sit up and look around. What are you wearing?
  10. After assessing your clothing choices, you notice something laying next to you on the sand. What is it?
  11. After a bit of hunting, you discover the wreckage of the boat. Inside, hung on a twisted piece of metal is your bag you packed!! What's inside?
  12. You exit the wreckage with your bag in hand. What is your first priority?
  13. You decide to create some sort of shelter for yourself. Which area of the island do you check out first?
  14. Eventually you decide on the rocky hill, after scouting out everywhere else. Or maybe you came here in the first place. Where do you want to set up camp?
  15. You originally planned on building on the tip-top, but you saw a little overhang that looks perfect. How do you go about starting the shelter?
  16. Well, you've got a shelter put up and it's getting late. Food or water next?
  17. You've started to search for food, but it's getting late. What source do you investigate first?
  18. Great! You've got some food and a shelter, now you really need a source of water. How are you going to get good water?
  19. It's now evening. You are sitting on a bed of leaves in your shelter, and some extra wood remains to close your 'door' when you go to sleep. You still want to make a fire though. How do you light the flame?
  20. Fire- check! Food- check! Water- check! Shelter- check!You go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you can hear rain on the rock over your head, and are glad you didn't sleep on the beach. What do you do first?
  21. The rain stops and you exit the shelter to another sunny afternoon. What do you do?
  22. Alright. Time to try signaling a ship. Which tactic do you try?
  23. Alright- that didn't work. Let's assume we'll be here for a while. Weapon or tools first?
  24. You tried making several tools and managed to create a club! Let's explore the caves now. You walk into the dark cave, a torch in one hand and a club in the other. There's a fork in the path, what do you do?
  25. You eventually go left, as right was a dead end. You suddenly see a shape leap at you. What do you do?
  26. You finally managed to kill the beast. You peek at it, and see that it is a monstrous wolf. You marvel to yourself at how you managed to bring down such a creature, and then you notice several arrows buried in it's neck. Where did those come from?
  27. You turn and see a cage crudely fashioned out of branches. A man and a woman are standing inside, beckoning you over. You run over to them and they tell you of the wolf, and a siren that lures boats and traps castaways. You let them out and return to your shelter. You spend the next several weeks storing food, fashioning weapons and collecting water. When the siren returns, you easily capture it. What do you do?
  28. Your first instinct was to destroy it, but the woman talks you out of it. As you talk with the siren, she promises to never trap innocents again, and you release her. The End.What did you think of the quiz?

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