Island Paradise

This is the story about you, your best friend Amy, and four boys. Evan, Ryan, Zach and Dustin. All of you are stranded on a deserted island and have to try and survive.

Take this quiz!!! WEll, its a story...but take it!!

Created by: heyilikepie

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  1. You wake up one bright morning with the sun blinding your eyes. You have slept well, yet you feel... in itchy. You suddenly notice an ocean surrounding you and a sandy beach where you were lying down. You're on a island. As you slowly get up, dusting sand off your clothes and hair, someone runs up to you. "______!" they scream. You turn around. It's your best friend, Amy. You relax. At least you have someone you know here with you. "Amy!" you cry and you guys hug. "Where are we?" you ask once you part. "Don't you remember?" Amy asks.
  2. "Last night we fell out of our cruise ship and wound up on this island!" Amy reminds you. "Oh." you murmur. "How are we going to get back!?" you suddenly yell. "Chill out, _______! I gotta show you something." Amy smiles slyly. Ughh, what does she want? You think. Amy takes your hand and leads you through a forest. "Watch out for snakes, wasps, spiders and scorpions! Oh, and lizards!" she warns.
  3. Finally, you pull out of the forest and end up by a lake with a beautiful waterfall and plants. "Isn't it beautiful?" Amy asks. "It is. But how are we going to get home!?" you ask again. "But that's not the best part!" she says, ignoring you. Now what? "Hey guys!" Amy shouts. And suddenly, in front of you are four GORGEOUS boys about you age. Amy smiles and says, "Evan, Ryan, Zach and Dustin were on our cruise too, and they fell off, also." Then she introduces you to all of them. Evan is a tall, built guy your age who has brown spiky hair and light brown eyes. Ryan is also tall and muscular and has black shaggy hair and bright green eyes. Zach, a bit older and taller and stronger than the others has blonde hair and blue eyes. Dustin, is your height and has muscles and has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Your eyes immediatley stare at one of them. Who do you look at?
  4. Before you have time to open your mouth Evan, Zach and Dustin jump in front of you and begin talking all at once. You feel excited and you and Amy talk to them. After a while of just talking, you notice Ryan is awkwardly standing next to them, but not talking. You look at Amy. "He's shy." she explains. "But once you get to know him, he's great." Dustin adds and pats Ryan's back. Ryan blushes and smiles an incredible smile, but looks down, as if he is embarrassed. You smile at him, though he doesn't see it. "What's your name?" Evan finally asks. "Oh, i'm _______." you say. Zach immediatley pushes the others out of his way and looks deeply in your eyes. "_____." he repeats and smiles at you a killer smile. "That's a pretty name." What are you thinking.
  5. "Thanks." you finally say. He smiles again. "Hey!" Dustin and Evan cried at the same time, shoving Zach away. "That's what i was going to say!" They whine at the same time. "Oh, um, well, thanks?" u smile at them. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Amy and Ryan sitting on a log laughing a talking.
  6. After a while of talking, its lunch time and all of you are starving. "Guess we have to hunt." Zach says, taking charge. All of you guys gather around. "Okay," Zach says, "Ryan and Amy, you two will go get berries and stuff and firewood to make a fire. Dustin and Evan, you two will either find a safe shelter or make one. And _______ and i will hunt." Zach smiles at you and winks. Dustin steps up. "Hey why do you get to go with ______? What if i wanna?" "Yea? Well what if i wanna?" Evan pipes up. "Who cares what you think?" Dustin yells at Evan. "Quiet!! Me and ______ are going and thats final!" Zach shouts. Dustin and Evan mutter angrily. You guys set off to go do your jobs.
  7. You and Zach set off into the woods again. It get quiet and awkward around you two but you finally say, "Wow, you sure know how to take charge." Zach turns and grins at you. "Thanks. I'm usually in charge of all the school clubs and stuff back home." he brags. "Nice." you mumble. You walk a few more minutes, with out finding anything when you suddenly scream. "What!? What happened?!" Zach yells and turns around.
  8. You fall down and notice a snake bit you. Zach kneels by your side and pries the snake away. You can hardly see and your vision is going fuzzy and blurry. The last thing you remember is watching Zach sucking on your ankle and then spitting it out repeatedly. And then it all goes blank.
  9. You wake up and it's all dark. You are being carried in Zach's arms, and he has a worried look on his face. "Zach?" you ask weakly. "What's wrong?" His eyes widen. "You're awake!" he yells. "Yeah...but what's wrong? Why are we still in the woods? What time is it anyway?" you ask. "One small problem, ______.... we're lost." he says.
  10. ~TO BE CONTINUED~ tune in on the next episode/quiz thingy!!!
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