Island Paradise part3

This is the next part of Island Paradise and Island Paradise part2! If u havent done those u should cuz u wont understand anything if you dont! Kayy just warning ya!

We left of with you and Zach coming back to the waterfall. Nobody is there and you scream for their names but no one answers you. What happens next? Find out now!!!!!

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. "Where is everybody?" you ask, running back to Zach. "Not sure..." he murmurs. "GUYS?!" he yells out. "Zach? Is that you??" you guys hear a voice from a distant tree. "Evan?" Zach exclaims and Evan and Dustin hop down from a tree and make their way towards you. "Where's Amy and Ryan?" you ask, afraid. Dustin ignores you. "You guys are back! You've been gone for like two days! What happened?!" "Nothing." Zach says. "We got lost. Now where's Amy and Ryan?" Zach asks. Evan and Dustin awkwardly stare at each other and then Evan says, "After you guys left, the four of us sort of got in a fight. Well, mostly just Ryan and Amy. Dustin and i were just watching," "Yeah," Dustin chimes in, "and then Amy got mad and sort of ran of into the woods and Ryan followed after her and we haven't seen them since." Dustin says. You get scared mad and angry. What do you say?
  2. After you say something, Zach pipes up, "Come on, we should go and find them." "We tried! But we didn't find them anywhere!" Dustin whines. "Well how far have you looked?" you asked, still upset. "About a mile away from this campsite." Evan shrugs. "Yeah. What if we got lost??" Dustin points out. "Well, we're just going to have to look harder." Zach murmurs.
  3. You guys set of into the woods. After about an hour and half of walking, you've only made three miles. "Come on, let's go back. I don't even know where we are." Evan complains. But Zach keeps walking forward. You guys walk for another half an hour, with Zach up front, you right behind him, Dustin behind you and Evan behind him. Dustin and Evan have been awfully quiet for a while. You ignore it since it is actually peaceful. After a while of it being too quiet, Dustin yells, "Where's Evan?!"
  4. You and Zach turn around and find out Evan is no longer with you. Dustin is running around trying to find him. "EVAN! EVAN!" the three of you yell. "Great. Now we have to find 3 idiots." Zach murmurs. He's awfully grouchy.
  5. So for the next half an hour you try and search for him. Just as you were about to give up, Evan himself appears out of the forest. And guess whos behind him? Amy and Ryan. And guess what theyre doing? Kissing! They leave fighting and come back kissing!!!
  6. You guys all gather around. "Let's never split up again!" you say. "Or fight." Amy whispers, looking at Ryan. Ryan smiles and they hold hands. You feel happy for her but sort of...weird. Right in your stomach. You shrug it away. Maybe youre just hungry or something. As everyone talks, Zach is squating down on a big rock. He is frowning. You slip away and sit by him on the rock. "Hey." you whisper. He didn't answer. "So um, now that we're all together, i dont think we should do that spliting up thing that you mentioned few days ago. You know, when we went out to hunt. And Ryan and Amy went out to-" "You got a better idea?" he mutters. "What?" you ask, not sure you heard him. "I asked did you have a better idea?!!?" he shouted. All the talking suddenly stops and even the birds stop chirping. Clearly, he's mad.
  7. You awkwardly cower away behind Dustin and Evan. "Why'd you do that!" Evan cries out. "What did you just say to me?" Zach yelled. "You heard me! You have to idea on how to treat a nice young lady like this!" Evan continues and you blush. "Like you do?!" Zach challenges. "I bet i know more than you!" Evan challenges right back. Zach walks right up to his face. "Ha! Haha! Dont make me laugh, bro." Zach says sarcastically. You are starting to wonder why you even liked him in the first place. He has a horrible personalitly.
  8. Angrily, Zach shoves Evan and Evan ends up falling face first on the ground with a face full of mud. You quickly help him up and he immediatley shoves Zach back. Zach's eyes fire up and he finds an old heavy tree branch and is about to whack Evan with it. "Guys, stop!!" You cry and step in between the branch before it could knock out Evan. But you're too late. You feel the heavy stick smacking your stomach and they you fly thirty feet into the air.
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