Island Paradise part2

This is a continuation to Island Paradise!!!! If u havent taken that, take that first!!!

We last left off when you and Zach got lost in the woods. Continue now to find out more!! oh and forget about the results cuz you can pretty much only like zach in this part!

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. "We're lost?!" you cry. Zach nods. You gulp and notice that your ankle is wrapped in a leaf. "What's this?" you ask, lifting up your leg. "A bandage." Zach smiles, carrying you in his strong arms. "Nice bandage." you murmur and smile back at him. The sun is going more down and its getting dark quickly. "I think we should stop for the night and then go looking again in the morning tomorrow." Zach says. You agree. After another ten minutes of trying to find a shelter, you find a small cave. Zach checks it out and its alright. You guys crawl up in the cave as he covers up the big opening, leaving a small crack so you guys can get out in the morning. There is a little bit of lit in the cave. What are you thinking?
  2. Your stomach grumbles loudly and its embarrassing. You blush and Zach laughs. "I couldn't find any food." he apologizes. "Except for..." he reaches in his pockets and pulls out a few berries. Wow. This is dinner. You think. "Aww thank you." you say instead. "Did you have any?" You ask, popping them in your mouth. "Not really." Zach says but tosses a few in his mouth. You guys spend the night talking and giggling and laughing. Then, before you can lie down and go to sleep, Zach kisses you. On the lips. It lasts for about a full minute when he breaks away and says good night. What are you thinking.
  3. You cant sleep all night because of that kiss. You toss and turn on the hard floor but eventually fall asleep. When you wake up in the morning, it is morning and Zach isn't anywhere in the cave. You look outside and see him...exercising?! You come out of the cave as he is doing sit ups with a large, heavy rock probably half your weight, in his hands. His face is all red. "97...98..99....100!" you hear him say and he drops the rock down. He sees you and gets up. "Mornin, babe." he says and kisses you.
  4. "Mornin," you mumble, still in shock. "So i went hunting this morning, and guess what i found!" Zach says and pulls up 4 fish. "Fish?" you say. "Yeah. And there's some fresh water by this cave and some good berries and stuff. Oh! I almost forgot! I got some firewood!" Zach cries. You start to feel guilty that he did everything. Just as you were about to say something, he takes your hands in his and says "You know we can live here. Just you and me. Together. We can survive." He smiles. "Whaddya say?"
  5. You finally find your voice and say "I...i...i dont know. This is happening too fast." "Too fast? What do you mean?" Zach asks, dropping your hands. "I mean, we just met, and-" you begin. "So what? What does that have to do with anything? I want to spend my life out here with you, __________." he murmurs. His excited face is now sad. "I know, i do too, but, our first priority is to get off this island, okay? And maybe if that doesnt work, then, i'll think about it..." you say. "You'll THINK about it??" Zach screams. "Here i am, BASICALLY proposing to u and you say u'll THINK about it?!?" "Zach! No-" you begin. But he turns around and disappears into a thick layer of trees. Almost immediatley after he leaves, the sky clouds up and rain pours down on u in buckets. You are forced to head back into the tiny cave. Lightning flashes and you immediatley start to worry about Zach.
  6. You found yourself dozing off when Zach returns. Its probably afternoon. He just finished eating and saved a fish for you. You quietly eat it without looking at him. After you finish he mutters at you, "lets go." "Go? Go where?" you ask. "You dont want to stay here, rememeber?" he growls at you. "Zach, listen," you begin. He ignores you and starts walking one way and you follow. Its quiet and awkward and he is taking really big steps that you have to run up to catch him. When you finally catch up to him, you say, "Zach, listen!" "What?!" he yells at you.
  7. "I um, have to tell you im sorry." you finally say. "About what?" Zach murmurs, starting to walk again. You hold him back and he sighs and turns around. "About making you mad. I would love to stay on this little place with you, but i'm just 16. I have to get back to my family eventually. They'll go crazy!" you say. Zach sighs. "I'm sorry at being mad at you, too." he says. "We're too young to stay out here alone. Kinda like we're married." he smiles a little. You smile back. "I'm sorry." he says and then hugs you tightly. You hug him back and grin.
  8. Once you guys start to walk back, its more comfortable around you two. You laugh and talk like before. You feel happy and even more happy when you reach the waterfall again. "Amy!!" you cry. "Amy!!" no one answers. "Amy? Evan? Ryan? Dustin?" Zach asks. No one responds. You check around the whole waterfall area but find no one in sight. Where did everyone go?
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!! To be continued!!
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