Which "Paradise PD" character are You?

This is probably first of all the quizzes about Paradise PD. I consider myself a great fan of the show, that is why I decided to create this quiz. I hope You enjoy!

Have you ever wondered which Paradise PD character are You? Now You can find out, thanks to this quiz! There are eight possible results. What are we waiting for, let's begin!

Created by: L'Etranger
  1. The best way to spend a Friday evening:
  2. Someone has offended You. Your reaction:
  3. You are mostly interested in:
  4. Which of these statements is the most accurate to you:
  5. What is Your biggest flaw:
  6. Would You sacrifice Yourself for someone close to You?
  7. Favourite book genre:
  8. Would You betray someone for money?
  9. How many people do You like to have in Your company:
  10. Are you satisfied with Your life?

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Quiz topic: Which "Paradise PD" character am I?