Wild Kratts Character Quiz 1

Wild Kratts Character Quiz. This is my favorite show, and I have always wondered who I would get. There are other quizzes, but they were too easy. I decided to take on the challenge. Do I sound like Aviva?

SO take this quiz and see who you get. This quiz took two hours and about a life's worth of watching episodes to make. And yes... You could end up getting a villain! Have fun!

Created by: hadzey idupateb
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite Color?
  2. Do you like creature adventuring?
  3. What color is you hair?
  4. Are you trustworthy?
  5. How do you do your hair?
  6. Which one describes you best?
  7. Hobby?
  8. Do you love money?
  9. Eye color?
  10. Your affection for food?
  11. In line of children, where are you?
  12. Favorite creature power suit?
  13. Are you fashiony?
  14. You see a tiger. You...
  15. Favorite Wild Kratts quote?
  16. Under pressure I'm...
  17. Seriously though... Did you think little Zach in Tazzy Chris was cute?
  18. Favorite Animal?
  19. What do you want people to know you as?
  20. Seriously answer this please. It will not affect your score. Was this quiz fun and enjoyable? If not email me at [no emails], and tell me why or why not.

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