Got The Message? *Does Your Crush Like You Back?*

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There are many girls who have a crush or crushes. Sometimes, It's becoming a more popular topic to talk about. Well, we all know we like our crush. But, do we know if he likes us back?

By taking this simple quiz, "Got The Message? *Does Your Crush Like You Back?*". You can find out for yourself, and you'll feel more relaxed knowing your crushs' true feelings for you.

Created by: Natalie

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  1. When your crush comes to talk to you, he's more likely to call you _______.
  2. When your crush makes a joke, does he check to see if your'e laughing?
  3. Your crush is always trying to get close to you.
  4. When your crush signs of on his IM's/Text Messages, what emoticon does he use more often?
  5. Does your crush try to get close to you?
  6. When you see your crush in the hallway at school, what is he more likely to give you?
  7. You and your bestie are planning on seeing "The Last Song" at the movies. Does your crush come along?
  8. On a scale of 0-5, how often do you and your crush hang out?
  9. How does your crush try to impress you?
  10. What do you say you and your crush are like?

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Quiz topic: Got The Message? *Does my Crush Like You Back?*