the impossible quiz 09

Depending on the resulting score, a different message will be displayed. For example if someone scores between 0% and 16% on the genius quiz, you might want to display the message, "You need to go back to school and do some studying, because your genius score is very low! Hit the books then come back to try again." There are six different possible result messages. You must set them now. Each must be at least 100 characters long

Parting Words: Example: "Thank you so much for taking the genius quiz. If you scored high, congratulations, yours is major league brain. If you scored not so well, hey you can't win them all!"

Created by: sandi

  1. how many holes in a polo?
  2. can a match box?
  3. .sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsna
  4. click the answer.
  5. put ur mouse here. now dont touch the 1st possible choices.
  6. onion/by wut?
  7. the answer is really big
  8. search!
  9. wut was the answer to question 2?
  10. pick food
  11. wut follow december 2nd?
  12. click the smallest
  13. wut sound does a bell make?
  14. wut can u put in a bucket 2 make it lighter?
  15. neigh! whinny! qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
  16. wut is the 7th letter of the alphabet?
  17. 24-7=?
  18. stop
  19. color in the correct order BOGGY color options: blue red orange yello green purple
  20. deal or no deal?
  21. save changes 2 untotled?
  22. how do u kill a werewolf?
  23. which of these place names dont exist?
  24. i hope uv'e been paying attention 2 the question #'s!
  25. wut is this?
  26. wut flavor is cardboard?
  27. wut r the main ingredients of shampoo?
  28. how many letters in his hand?
  29. wut do u call a wingless fly?
  30. can u get this question wrong?
  31. mary rose sat on a pen
  32. bridget makes every1
  33. snake? snake?!
  34. which is the correct spelling?
  35. did u like this quiz?

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