How well do you know some of my favorite Teen novels?

Hi there! Do you love books? I hope so, because that's what this quiz is about! Books are amazing. They paint wonderfull pictures using only words. I've compiled a quiz based on nine of my favorite book series. These include Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Fablehaven and Hunger Games.

So, do you know these books? Do you think you can score well? Alright then! Get started! Remember to take a deep breath, wrack your brain, and have fun!

Created by: CressPotter

  1. This one is just for warm-up: Which book is Professor Trelawney from?
  2. Now for the real questions. Percy Jackson and The Olympians: What God orders Percy food when he is on his first quest?
  3. The Heroes of OLYMPUS: What is the prophecy Seven?
  4. Hunger Games: How many siblings does Gale have?
  5. The Selection: Who does America THINK Aspen loves?
  6. Michael Vey: What power does Annie have?
  7. The Lunar Chronicles: Who cuts Cress's hair?
  8. The Land of Stories: What is the name of Conner's first story?
  9. Fablehaven: How many Nipsie kingdoms were there?
  10. Now here's a really hard Harry Potter question. What's the name of Arthur's father?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know some of my favorite Teen novels?