Who are You? (Literally.)

Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for books. More than just a pleasant way to pass time, reading has always been my escape, my ability to exist in an entirely different world. I've spent many hours imagining how I'd react if I were suddenly set down into one of my favorite stories. But which one would I choose? How can I tell what character I'd be able to play?

To answer my question, I've created a quiz based on three popular books/series (popular with me, that is): Pride & Prejudice, the Harry Potter series, and the Twilight series. Which book are you? Take the quiz and know the truth! (It must be noted that these questions are not based solely on the main characters of the books. They are taken from the perspectives of several characters in the stories.)

Created by: Rose
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  1. Choose the description that fits you the best (will most likely not be exact, unless you're creepily patterning your life off one of these books):
  2. There is going to be a dance! The news is delightful! Or is it? To prepare for the dance, you:
  3. A handsome, dark-haired stranger has caught your eye. However, he boorishly refuses to pay any attention to you! You:
  4. There's no end to the trouble a wealthy woman can make in your life if she decides to hate you. To get this snobby witch off your back, you:
  5. You and your love finally have a moment to yourselves, when you can talk freely and without reserve! You decide to:
  6. Something terrible happens to your parent/parents! You:
  7. A bumbling, yet good-hearted suitor tries to court someone close to you. You:
  8. You try to force your affections on someone. You are astounded when they:
  9. You'd deal with a lot of different irritations if it meant you could be with your love. If you had your choice though, you'd rather:
  10. What would you rather eat for dinner?

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