your dream boyfriend from two different books

Hello, fellow people i did this quiz after sometime because the books i used were my favorite books in the universe i hope you enjoy this quiz it is the best quiz to me and i hope it is to you

i hope this quiz won't be a waste of your time i really want kids and adults to fall in love with these two books also the books are Keeper of the Lost Cities and of course Harry Potter

Created by: wanda

  1. you are in a building that is burning what do you do?
  2. pick a color
  3. if you could pick a girl which one, if you don't know the characters just pick one
  4. pick an animal
  5. you pick a parent group
  6. pick a park
  7. pick a celebrity band or singer
  8. pick your favorite food
  9. pick your favorite human
  10. pick who you want

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Quiz topic: My dream boyfriend from two different books