How Much Do You Know About Percy Jackson?

Do you like to read the books of Rick Riordan? Are you truly a fan? Do you read all the details? Do you know the books more or less than you think? Then take the quiz!

Find out in this quiz! It is based on mostly about Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Let's test your knowledge! Let's get started, shall we? Let us see if you are happy with your result.

Created by: I can't say
  1. Who is Percy's father?
  2. What is Athena's cabin?
  3. Who is the camp counselor?
  4. What size T-shirt was Clarisse wearing when Percy first met her?
  5. What was the first monster that Percy fought bare-handed?
  6. Where is Mount Olympus, NOW?
  7. Who are the Big Three?
  8. What color is the Camp Half Blood T-shirt?
  9. Who is Grover?
  10. What drink did Percy choose on his first day in camp?
  11. What is Percy's favorite color?
  12. What is Percy's eye color?
  13. What did Mr. D call Percy?
  14. What was Percy's sword's Greek name?
  15. Who is Poseidon?
  16. What game does Smelly Gabe and his goons play?
  17. How long did Percy, Grover, and Annabeth stay at the Golden Lotus Hotel?
  18. Where is Sally Jackson?
  19. Which of the following is magical metal?
  20. Who are friends of Percy Jackson??

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