How well do you know the last Olympian?

Have you read the Percy Jackson series? Want to test your knowledge of the last Olympian? well then, this is your quiz! Make sure you've read the last Olympian by rick riordan and then test your knowledge!

Time to face the music and find out if your a true fan! Facts range from major events to minor details! Good luck! And may the gods be with you! :-)

Created by: Andi92
  1. Who wrote the book?
  2. Who is the last Olympian?
  3. What gift does Percy receive from Prometheus?
  4. What is the name of Percy's Pegasus?
  5. What does Percy do to make him nearly invincible?
  6. What is Percy's prophecy called?
  7. Who becomes the new oracle?
  8. What does Percy ask his mom for?
  9. What mode does George like?
  10. Where does hope survive best?
  11. What is the cursed blade in the prophecy?
  12. When Hermes visits Olympus to deliver messages, who does he blame for Luke turning evil?
  13. What is plan twenty three?
  14. Who saves Percy and Annabeth from being vaporized by Hermes when they accuse him of not caring about Luke?
  15. What does Hermes do as the fates carry away Luke's body?
  16. Who prevents Kronos from riseing?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the last Olympian?