The Quiz That's Impossible 2!

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Genius Bar *Idiotic Knowledge Required* Are you a genius? Then do this quiz! They're just multiple choice questions... can you do this quiz without making a SINGLE MISTAKE? Or is this quiz too hard and impossible for the smartest person in the world?

Created by: Dude

  2. Deal or No Deal
  3. Peic has 12 pieces of toast for breakfast. he eats them all but throws up shortly thereafter. How many pieces of toast does he have left.
  4. LIP BALM.
  5. GREASE.
  6. The answer is REALLY BIG
  7. Enter your question, then enter possible answers. Leave blank any lines for answers that you are not using, i.e. if you only want four answers then fill in the first four answer lines and leave the last two blank. You can have a maximum of six answers per question. WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN?
  8. What was the answer to question #1 WITHOUT SCROLLING UP.
  9. ABCD stands for...
  10. How Is this 2nd quiz impossible?
  11. Best Of Both Worlds
  12. @#$%**!
  13. Mavis teaches typing on a software called Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. If you can type 55 WPM, how many words can you type in 3 minutes?
  14. What's an onion?
  15. IPHONE
  16. SLIME

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