Dark, Darker, Darkest, Darko

This Film Kicks Ass And There Are Just Too Many Things Ive Observed. These Are Just The Behind The Scenes Info Before We Actually Quiz On The Movie. ***

If You Know Your Darko Then Prove It. I Suggest You Study Like I Do Because There Are Questions Almost Impossible To Answer Without It Fresh In Your Mind. Dont Cheat Now. ***

Created by: Jay Rikoshae
  1. Who Directed Donnie Darko?
  2. How Long Is The Original Films Length.
  3. Which Of These Actors/Actresses Are NOT In This Movie?
  4. Where Was This Film Shot?
  5. What Famous Linguist Said "Cellar Door" Was The Most Beautiful Phrase In The English Language?
  6. What Is The Theme Song For Donnie Darko?
  7. What Does "Deus Ex Machina" Mean?
  8. How Long Did It Take To Film This Movie?
  9. What Book Inspired This Whole Movie?
  10. Who Is Frank?

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