How likely are you to be vegetarian

Is there a chance that you might become a vegetarian? Maybe you think it's impossible, or maybe you're already thinking about it. Find out if you have the makings of a die-hard herbivore

Take this simple short quiz to test your vegi-ness. If you are already a vegetarian or vegan, take it anyway. Answer honestly and see if it is remotely accurate.

Created by: jon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you own pets?
  2. Do you know what "Vegan" means?
  3. Do you have any friends that are vegan/vegetarian?
  4. Are you a philosophical person?
  5. Are you overweight?
  6. Are you open minded or set in your ways?
  7. What is your level of education?
  8. what is your favorite food out of the choices listed below?
  9. What is your religion?
  10. Have ever you thought about being a vegetarian?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to be vegetarian