What Kind of Vegetarian Are You?

There are actually more vegetarians out there than you think and they are really helping out those poor cows and pigs that get born and raised just to be killed and eaten. thats sad. but anyway, its hard to determine what kinda vegetarian you are...if you even are one!

are you a lacto ovo vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, or vegan? take this easy quiz to find out. if you dont want to dont but its good to find out if you wanna eat animals or let them live. me, well i wanna let em live since they are creatures like me and i dont wanna get eaten...right?!?!

Created by: lexi lou

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  1. Do you eat steak?
  2. do you eat eggs?
  3. dairy products? (cheese, ice cream, etc)
  4. Are you an animal rights activist?
  5. Do you like seeing animals be killed?
  6. would you kill an animal?
  7. do you think eating animals is like eating humans because we're all living creatures?
  8. do you have any pets?
  9. do cows gross you out
  10. pigs are...
  11. chickens are...

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Vegetarian am I?