Messages From Matthew Part 2

If you haven't already, please read part one, which is called An Untitled Story Quiz. Congratulations to the winner of the title contest. Messages From Matthew

is the title of this story! I'm glad I had help with the title, otherwise it'd be either something dumb or it wouldn't have a title at all, which would suck.

Created by: Randomusername

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  1. When I woke up, there was a moment when I didn't remember Matthew's death, and for that blissful moment, I was happy. But I soon remembered, and grief once more settled over my like a heavy cloak, making everything I did seem strenuous, even breathing.
  2. But despite this, I managed to pack for the trip to Witham House. I even managed to read another letter before going to the station.
  3. "Henry, Apparently Rose wasn't merely looking at me because I was a newcomer. I ran into her in the garden and we talked for a few minutes. Then, she tried to kiss me. I told her that she was sweet, but I didn't feel that way towards her. I hope I didn't upset her too much. You haven't responded to my letters. Is everything alright? I hope you're okay. Who else would I talk to these things about? Matthew"
  4. I smiled. Matthew was always popular with the ladies, though he was oblivious to it. After all, he was good-looking and intelligent. What girl wouldn't fall for such a man? I put the letter in the box, packed the box in my bag, and walked to the station with Rona. Mr. Witham(Matthew's father told me to call him that) was there already. We rode the train in silence and then walked to his house, which was close to the station.
  5. The interior of the house was well decorated, but it was somewhat bland. We were greeted by the servants. Rose, Anna, and James Lewis, Myrtha Greene, Richard Marion, and Anthony Giuseppe, exactly as Matthew had described them. We were shown our rooms by Miss Greene. I considered asking her about Matthew, but decided against it. Rona asked her to show her the house, and they left together. I read another letter.
  6. "Henry, I must ask you to dispose of this letter once you've read it." I paused, looking for matches. I managed to find some, then continued to read. "I will tell you exactly what has happened. Anthony had been kind enough to invite me to lunch with him and Richard. I initially accepted, but I then remembered that I had promised to have lunch with father in town. I immediately went to the servant's quarters to tell him I had to cancel. I found him with Richard. They were kissing. They tried to explain. I gave them an easy wave, as if I didn't notice. I told them I had to cancel lunch and left. I hope they'll be more careful, it would be a shame for such nice people to have their lives ruined for being in love. I've never been in agreement with most people on the subject of homosexuality. People are much too discriminating. That is why I ask you to destroy the letter. My most sincere regards, Matthew"
  7. I read it again and again until I had memorised it, then lit a match and burned it. I made sure it was reduced to ashes, honouring my friend's request. I decided to visit these two men at some point the next day, then joined my wife and Miss Greene in the garden.
  8. I'm afraid that's all for today.
  9. I hope you enjoyed it.
  10. I hope you enjoyed it.
  11. Congratulations to wolf_heart for winning the title contest!

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