L.O.V.E. part1 (4 mcqueen's contest)

hello and welcome to the first part of L.O.V.E. Its not your typical love story it actually has some sadness,drama,action,comedy and etc. Mcqueen this is for your writing contest,hope you enjoy it.

This story is told by the POV of a girl named Caroline who has a somwhat odd life. Characters: Greg and Liam. Hope you enjoy this and if I get a lot of comments I will make the next part.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. What is love? Is it feeling anxious and happy around a person you like, is it betrayl? Or is it heartbreaking dissapointment? Well, for me, it was all of the above,
  2. I was once a naive girl, lacking attention and love from everyone I knew,but carrying on as thogh someone cared who I was.This is my story of heartbreak,happiness, and betrayl. Lets start from the beginning before my heart was ripped away from me, slowly, yet painfully by someone i thought cared about me. Have you ever excperienced such regret and pain?
  3. I was in my first year of highschool. as you know nobody cared much for me and so i was usually alone. People made fun of me for the person i had become due to this lack of love. That was the day i met Greg and I thought my life had gotten better. i was standing under a tree when the school bell rang.
  4. I looked at the terrible monsters who mocked me hurried to their classes like scared mice.i didnt care for going to class that morning, it was only another place I could get made a fool of. The teachers didnt help,only added to the problem. counslers gossiped about my story,studentsdidnt care one bit, and my parents were in a totally different universe.I heard the tardy bell ring and didnt budge, just took my i pod out and listened to three days grace. I felt sleepy so I fell asleep under the tree where no one would ever look for me. Not like they would even if I was missing.
  5. When i woke up I looked at the time, an hour had gone by. I shook my head and sighed about what an awful life i had. i, Caroline Foxwood.I stretched and knocked into something,a person. I looked over him carefully and noticed he was still fast asleep. i nudged him and asked "Who are you? And what are you doing?"He grinned and said"fancy meeting you my name is Greg. Dp you attend this school?"I could tell he wasnt from around here because he was being overly polite and because he had a british accent."yeah, i do go to that school." I said. "Well then what are you doing taking a nap under this tree?"he said. i felt kinda annoyed by him disturbing my peacful lonliness,suprised at his kindenss, and appalled by his sticking his nose in my business. "Im here for personal reasons.What about you?"
  6. He grinned and said "I felt the need to wake up the sleeping beauty I saw under this tree."I looked around trying not to blush and foolishly said "Im no sleeping beauty."He said "No your not,I find you quite intriguing,and mysterious. not at all dainty like a sleeping beauty."Then he added, "Although you quite underestimate your worth.You are actually quite a nice person and not ugly looking either.Pray tell me why you choose to sit under this tree when you could be having a joyous time with your prince charming?"
  7. That was the beginning of a flowering friendship.I continued talkingto him for the rest of the day. I found out that he has quite a sense of humor, likes some of the same bands as me, and is a foriegn exchange student."it seems you now this town well. Can you be my pretty tourguide?"To which I replied "Sure."
  8. When i was showing greg the town one day, he went into a gift shop and told me "I have to get something important.You dont have to go in with me.""Thanks,i'm kinda tired."I said. He went in and thats when i saw a guy my age who had bloodstains all over his shirt and various wounds on him. I rushed into the gift shop and told Greg.."Something has come up. I have to go now,sorry. See you later."I didnt wait for a reply I just rushed out there to the guy my age who was hurt."I'm here to help you."I said."t-t-thanks. please dont take me to the h-hospital," he replied in a strained voice. i respected his wishes and took him over to the next best place.. my house.Now I know you might be thinking.. stranger danger,but for some reson the thought never occured to me.
  9. We reached my house and I opened th e door with the key i had. Nobody was home,as usual. I helped the injured guy over to the sofa and then went to get my first aid kit. I felt guilty about leaving Greg all by himself but hey we have been friends for a few months now,he should be ok.I also felt determined to help that guy so, I sat down next to him and put bandages over his wounds. I put some water on the big gashes to which he reacted by flinching. I went to go get him some water,but he grabbed my hand and held me back. he tried to get up,but I knew it wasnt good for him so I told him to stay down. He said"O-ok,t-thanks.Im Liam by the way." I could tell this was hard for him so I told him "Nice to meet you,Im Caroline." I continued on my way to the kitchen to get some water. Then I heard a eerie knock on the door and then the knob turning. I rushed upstairs to grab my bat, when I got downstairs I saw someone who i hadnt excpected to see. Someone who had poor Liam up against the wall and was obviously about to punch him."Stop." I yelled and ran to Liam and...Greg.
  10. I had never seen him this angry before in my life."You ditched me for him,Caroline."Greg said obviously infuriated."I-"I dont know wiether it was because Greg had a right to be upset or if I had done nothing wrong, but what i did know was the fact that two things were about to happen. Greg would break up with me and possibly hurt Liam. Now one thing was clear.. Greg was not the person I thoght he was. He was overly selfish,unkind to others,and teased me constantly,Like when he called me not that pretty.I knew then that Greg had no right to be so infuriated it was I,however, who should've been."I t-thought you were dating Jessica."Liam said to Greg. Greg didnt even try to answer back. it was official he was a backstabbing lier. Jessica was one of the only people I could have considered my friend yet she willingly went out with my boyfriend. jessica was the only one who didnt start any rumors about me and now I know why.. because she was dating my boyfriend. I had been lied to and abandoned too many times in life for this to happen to me."Is that true,Greg."I asked, he didnt answer. Come to think of it at the gift shop he was probably trying to buy Jessica a present.I was soo angry now,I wanted to beat the living daylight out of him."did you cheat or not."I yelled at the top of my lungs. greg again didnt say anything just nodded his head and stared at the floor. You wonder how it happened but suddenly Greg was on the floor and his head was bleeding. you glanced at Liam who had a triumphant look on his face. "You may be a bit timid,but you definitley know how to fight." I said. Then i turned around and regretably broke out in tears.
  11. More guys to come. Dont worry i havent stopped my other three series'Take my other series Love!!!! which has parts 1-9 out , the mysterious forest (prologue and part one) and my one direction love story titled... Love and suprises!? Who do u love?

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