My Harry Potter Character Contest Winners!

Did you enter my character contest? Well if you did, here is where you can see, if you won! There were four winners in total, I am very happy with my desicions, and am very sorry if your character was not chosen!

Thank you for taking this quiz! This character contest was so fun tto do! There were many amazing entries, and they all were equally good, but I couldn't choose them all! Sorry about that!

Created by: Samantha2332

  1. It delighted me to see such amazing characters in this contest. I'm overjoyed with the results of this contest, and am very happy with my decision. If your character did not make it, I apologize, but all of the entries were truly amazing! Anyways, on with the results!
  2. In this contest, there were 4 winners! There were two love interests, one friend, and one family member.
  3. The first winner, as a brother, and I mind you this is in no particular order, fallen_angel831's Cesar Ty!
  4. The second winner of this contest is entered as love interest. This winner is....Calysta221's Steven Hasatue!
  5. The third winner is entered as a friend. This friend is also friends with the brother ;). This winner is....Sage Parson's Miranda Howards!
  6. So sorry to say, but this is the last winner. If your character was not picked, I am truly sorry! I wish I could have picked everyone's character entries, but that wouldn't be much of a contest now would it?
  7. Anyways, the fourth, and final winner, entered as love interest is...None other than natuhleegayle's Gabriel Torres!
  8. You're all winners as far as I'm concerned! Just because one of your characters didn't make it, doesn't mean that it wasn't good! And just because you/your character won, doesn't mean that you/it is better than anyone else!
  9. Thank you to all of the wonderful people that participated! It was amazing doing this contest with you guys! I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did!
  10. Anywho, be looking out for the first addition of my Harry Potter love series. It will be called, 'Just Another Hogwarts Love Story!' Anyways, I'm open to suggestions and comments! See you soon....Hopefully!

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