Winners of the HLS Character Contest (vulturemonem)

Ok, so the title pretty much says it all. This is just announcing the winners for my recent character contest! This character will cause a lot of trouble in the coming year.

Congratulations to my well-deserved winner, but my commendations to all who entered. It was, really, a very hard decision. Part twenty-six will be out soon.

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Ok, so the title pretty much says it all. This is just announcing the winners for my recent character contest!
  2. So just to remind you, this character is intended to stir up lots of trouble for the main character. She dislikes her, and wants to ruin her life. Luna (who will also be introduced this year) gets to know the main character, but this character doesn't. Deciding she dislikes the main character for whatever reason specified by you, she makes the main character's life a living hell.
  3. Shall I shut up and tell you who win now? *grins*
  4. Ok, so the winner of the evil character contest is... hp4evr, with Rebecca Gardener! Congratulations. Well done to all who entered - it was a hard decision!
  5. This is what hp4evr submitted, so have a look at the winning character. We'll be seeing quite a lot of Rebecca!
  6. Name: Rebecca Gardener Age: Fifteen Blood-Status: Half-blood House: Whatever you prefer but in my opinion, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
  7. Physical Appearance: Rebecca is blonde, with slightly wavy hair that reach her shoulders and are usually tied in a pony tail but ocassionally, aren't tied at all. Beneath the arched brows, are present her eyes which are a shade of green, and are framed by long, stiff bristles. They are the only part of her physique that give an aura of deceit and envy. She has a pert nose and small, cherry lips. Her tongue is smooth, eloquent and has the power to charm anyone who listens. She is quite tall.
  8. Personality: Born to a muggle father and pureblood mother, her personality was much shattered in her early years, owing to her father's reluctance to accept his wife's and then his daughter's magical status. This led to her development as a deceitful, troubled teen and later on, a jealous vamp. She believes herself to be the most miserable person in the world, and instead of finding a fault in her own conducts, she lays all the blame onto the others. She never trusts anyone, not even her so-called friends, and knits all the conspiracies against her enemies on her own. She is quite intelligent, but unfortunately, she is what you call an 'evil brain'. The main character may face a lot of trouble while dealing with her, because at first, she may appear to be somewhat friendly and it's not easy to see through her facade. However, when she declares a 'war' against someone, she'll not hesitate to show her hatred and vehemence.
  9. Reasons for dislike: It was never easy for her to accept that the main character manages to get all the attention, and her jealous nature prompted her to take an instant dislike of the main character. Her hatred intensified when she saw that the main character and the Triwizard champion, Cedric Diggorry are together and her evil brain immediately set to split them. She never cared whether Cedric liked her in turn or not, she only wanted to make the main character suffer and see her miserable.
  10. Other: She is the only child of her parents and though she doesn't know, she is related to the main character (as cousins).
  11. That's all I have to say. I've told you when school finishes enough times, so I won't say it again! 'See' you when I update next!

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